4 Trends That Are Reshaping The Face of Workplaces

4 Trends That Are Reshaping The Face of Workplaces
Over the last few years, companies have been paying utmost attention to the design and décor elements of their workplaces because the work environment has a direct connection with the level of productivity in an office. Be it a corporate office in Gurgaon or any other part of the country, it is now quite fundamental to have surroundings in the office which can extend all the necessary support to employees. This blog sheds light on some of the trendiest modern office design concepts to consider when you are going to set up a new workplace. 

1. A workplace needs to be ergonomic 

Over the last few years, people across business circles have been talking about ergonomic workplaces. An ergonomic office design concept is all about comforting its employees on each and every parameter. This type of concept helps greatly to reduce overall stress and improve the productivity of the employees while correcting their posture. Standing desks, chairs, and even monitors are part of this unique office design concept. These days, a large number of newer technologies and solutions are also being incorporated into this type of design in an office for rent in Gurgaon and other cities of the country. 

Some highlights of the ergonomic office design concept include the following:

  • An ergonomic design concept includes a design that lays stress on providing the employees with maximum comfort
  • This design is carried out while keeping your worker’s health and limitations in view
  • An ergonomic arrangement brings a drastic reduction in fatigue as well as frustration during their workday
  • Ergonomic settings prevent backaches, neck pain, and headaches among employees. 

2. The inclusion of natural elements 

The inclusion of natural elements across office settings has become an order of the day. This concept stems from the love of nature with a primary aim to increase the linkage between the occupants of the workplace and the natural environment. When incorporated aesthetically and strategically, natural elements in an office environment offer a large number of benefits concerning both an office’s immediate environment and the health of the employees. The nature-based office interior design concept has the power to affect not only the performance but also the mental and physical health of the occupants. Some of the top benefits include the following:
  • Having natural light in an office environment gives seasonal orientation to the workers
  • Vegetation, especially the flower heads, is the most effective and efficient way to reduce stress, improve comfort level, and overall productivity
  • The elements related to water not only give a sensory experience but also promote satisfaction while improving employees’ health and performance
  • Having natural air ventilation plays a very crucial role in increasing the level of comfort as well as overall productivity. A better natural flow can be achieved through windows and various other specific strategies.

3. Activity-based working style 

Interaction and communication are the two most important methods through which companies can increase their workers’ productivity. The activity-based working concept is adopted to increase the overall efficiency of the workplace while retaining employee satisfaction as well as the overall accommodation costs. Employees in this concept can be multitasking while performing the best in whatever they undertake. The workplace that adopts an activity-based working style can have a more flexible working than the conventional arrangements. The freedom of roaming given to the employees makes them perform their job roles effectively and efficiently.
Given below are some of the most important spatial areas for which activity-based working style can be implemented:

Small booths:

Booths are generally enclosed and isolated areas that offer ample privacy, and are considered to be ideal for people who need to concentrate on their work peacefully and calmly.  

Café atmospheres:

These are the favourite areas of the people as they can enjoy here their lunch, snacking and other activities. These spaces provide employees with different types of comfortable and cosy tables, couches, semicircle booths, and coffee tables. So many work-related matters can also be discussed here.

Conference rooms: 

Conference rooms are the most important part of any organization. They generally have enclosed settings where a large number of people can have meaningful brainstorming regarding different projects, topics, and strategies.   
Some of the other prominent activity-based working environments might include but are not limited to lounge areas, open office areas, and outdoor terraces.

4. Home-like Atmosphere

In the current professional scenario, most of the jobs can be performed by making use of a laptop or computer. As remote working has become the order of the day today, most companies and even employees don’t prefer physical presence in the concerned office premises. Data indicate that most remotely working employees are even performing better at home than in their offices. This trend has inspired many companies to provide their employees with a homey atmosphere inside offices where physical presence is mandatory. This arrangement makes the workforce feel at home while they are at work. 
The primary idea behind the homey atmosphere inside offices is about making the workplace relaxing and stress-free. Just having some high-quality couches and lounges in some prominent areas in the office makes people not only stay cool mentally but also easily take the due breaks. This way they can whittle away their stress and fatigue while focusing more on their duties. Many home-like office design concepts include the following:
  • Lounge areas
  • Cafés
  • Break rooms with recreational activities
  • Cosy types of furniture
  • Terraces and a large number of other things.


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