IPL Biologicals

Formerly known as International Panaacea Ltd.

Formerly known as International Panaacea Limited(IPL) specialises in biological solutions for agricultural applications.IPL Biologicals has the widest portfolio of more than 50 products in disease and pest management, plant nutrition & health management and soil management. Our products are renowned for their high quality and efficacy.

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Defence & Aviation

M2K Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

M2K Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a relatively new Company for M2K Group’s ventures in the Defence & Aviation Sector. With a vision to become a key player in High Technology Products by introduction / induction of advanced technologies, innovative solutions and services. M2K Technologies has tied up with various International Companies to bring their Products to the Indian market. With the Government of India’s initiative to indigenize defence and aviation production in India, and the growing focus in this sector, M2K Technologies has already made rapid and exciting progress in this business vertical in a short span of time.

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M2K Cinemas

M2K, founded on a vision which seeks to usher in a better tomorrow by providing people with improved lifestyles and living standards. Over the years, M2K has build a rock solid foundation in the field of Infrastructure, Real Estate, Multiplexes and Biotechnology and is firmly committed in providing excellence in everything it does.

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