6 Latest Green Trends in the Construction Industry

6 Latest Green Trends in the Construction Industry
With the ever-growing popularity of “green” products in every walk of life, the real estate companies offering the best residential including a 2 bedroom flat in Dharuhera and other parts of the national capital region are mending their products and building techniques. The sales of green houses as well as the office spaces in the past 10 years have witnessed a whole new rise as people are shifting their attention to eco-friendly or green buildings.  

What is a green building?

Green building, also known as sustainable design, is all about practices that boost the overall efficiency of a building or structure. Needless to say, building construction sites make use of electricity, water, and a large number of other materials, and the green practices determines how they can make maximum contribution to sustainability. Such practices also aim at reducing the bad impact of the building construction procedures and methodologies on human health as well as on the environment for the building’s entire lifecycle. 
In contemporary times, the concept of green building has gone beyond just the boundaries of the buildings while covering everything right from site planning to land use planning. Almost all the reputed companies offering a premium office for rent in Gurgaon are focusing on the green concept with all their might and capacities. Let's take a look at some of the latest green trends in the construction industry: 
1. From the ground up
All the leading construction companies are adopting and implementing green practices right from the very beginning of the construction process. These days, there are green options available for:
  • Concrete, cement, and paints
  • Masonry
  • Beams, doors, and windows
  • Mechanical and electrical systems
  • Moisture and heat protection, and
  • Finishes and appliances.
Green solutions are available for almost all aspects of building construction. 
2. Green solutions in flooring
When it comes to flooring, green and sustainable solutions have witnessed a whole new revolution. The companies providing the best residential construction services in NCR are sourcing the wood from the old or disused buildings to create wooden flooring for the new buildings, and this trend is growing by leaps and bounds across the national capital region since it is considered to be the smartest way to recycle the natural wood. For new flooring products, construction companies are opting for green solutions such as rubber, cork, and bamboo. An entirely new generation of linoleum products has also been produced that can be easily recycled, and they have comparatively lesser toxicity than their predecessors.  
3. Green solutions in carpet
The way carpeting is carried out in sustainable buildings has drastically changed the whole scenario. All the providers of residential and commercial spaces are using very little amount of toxic materials in the carpet area. The new green carpeting materials are not only eco-friendly but also more cost-effective than conventional materials. Carpet tiles have replaced conventional carpeting solutions as part of the green option for the same. These tiles are very easy to install and even replace when needed. 
4. Lowest possible amount of energy in use 
Heating and cooling solutions installed inside any building are one of the most important factors that need attention to make a building green and sustainable. During their entire life cycles, buildings are known to consume the highest amount of energy. The green methodologies adopted consider the following in this regard:
  • The overall positioning and orientation of the building
  • Maximum possible smart use of passive heating and natural light
  • Maximum possible air movement and circulation
  • Use of thermal mass to maximum possible limits
  • Use of renewable energy sources including solar as well as wind power.  
5. Respect for people and their local environment
As part of the green movement, the government of the country has also created some guidelines regarding the sustainability policy of new building construction, and all the companies dealing in real estate are bound to follow these guidelines. As per the policy, respect is given to people involved in the construction, and also those upon whom the construction can have an impact in any way. While any building construction is in progress, the builders make all-out efforts to prevent any negative impact on the local community in the form of irritation, inconvenience, noise and air pollution, and law and order.  
6. Major goals of the green buildings
The purpose behind the green buildings is not limited only to the shielding of the environment but also to providing a healthier, safer, and great place to live for people. Using fully non-toxic or less toxic materials is one of the main mottos of the companies providing residential units. Maximum efforts are made to consume less energy while utilizing renewable energy sources to the max with the lush green surroundings. Some of the common goals of green buildings include the following: 
  • Reducing wastage of water and electricity
  • Conserving natural resources to the maximum possible limits
  • Improving air and water quality
  • Protecting biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Reducing costs and increasing the value
  • Improving the occupants’ productivity
  • Creating a strong market for green products as well as services
  • Improving the overall quality of life
  • Minimizing the strain on local infrastructure
  • Bringing betterment in indoor environmental quality, and
  • Optimizing operations and maintenance. 


Living in green homes offers a large number of advantages. While the upfront cost of the construction of green homes might be a little more than the standard or conventional homes, the savings only on the energy front itself, in the long run, can make up for the entire upfront cost. Not only this, but the dwellers will also be saving significantly through water and energy efficiency, landscaping efficiency as well as the efficiency of materials. 
Some recently concluded data also suggest that the people who live in green homes fall ill less than those living in conventional or standard homes because of toxicity and different types of pollution-related aspects. So, all the leading construction companies are not only realizing the need for more and more green homes but also inventing new things with every new construction to provide people with adobes that can be considered ideal on all parameters.