Get Shop on Rent in Pitampura and Rohini Retailers

Get Shop on Rent in Pitampura and Rohini Retailers

Nowadays, buying a property in the heartland of Delhi is a next to impossible task for those who want to enter the market. The buyers who purchased property twenty-year ago in Rohini and Pitampura are renting out their properties to the business people. Imagine you buy a property in Rohini and operate your own business there, how much time it will take to create a customer base, how much time it’s going to take to get out the margin, and how much time it’s going to take the profits out of your investments that include your property purchase cost. Even a tiny cigarette shop inside the market costs 15,000rs/sqft, and that too without maintenance and running costs.

But, if the property rate is high, it doesn’t mean that you cannot begin your business. Many successful shop owners in northwest Delhi started with a street-side vendor and now they own multiple showrooms across India. If you have any kind of business, whether it is an eatery, apparel, stationary, etc, it is always advisable to check its running costs.

For this, you can quickly get a shop on rent in Pitampura if you are looking to establish your business in Pitampura. Also, you can get a shop on rent in Rohini if you are looking to develop your business in Rohini. But before getting a shop on rent in Rohini and Pitampura, you should consider some points to follow so that you can run your business without any hassle. Here are some of them.

Look for the customer base

If you are looking for a shop on rent in Pitampura, you should consider that the area should have a good footfall. It is pretty unusual, but the northwest Delhi crowd is more enthusiastic about going brick-and-mortar shopping rather than online one because of the delicacies and street food. Most Delhites visit shopping complexes and have street food in the evening. This becomes beneficial for the business people who shop in densely populated areas where spending capacity is good, and customers are middle and upper-middle class.

Public Transport Connectivity

If you live in Delhi, you must know that there is severe vehicle congestion in Delhi. All thanks to the commercial use of a residential property. If you are looking for a shop on rent in Pitampura, you must consider the public transport connectivity, especially Delhi Metro. Due to parking issues, most people avoid places where there is parking scarcity. So, always choose a commercial space well connected with the metro, e-rickshaws, metro feeders, etc.


If you are looking for a shop on rent in Rohini, you should always consider getting everything documented. Some businessmen do not get their rent papers registered to save some amount on stamp paper. As a result, the property owners can ask the businessman to evacuate the property or increase the rent prior information. In most cases, in the absence of the rent agreement, seeing the flourishing business, property owners increase the rent, failing so, they can ask the tenant to evacuate the property.


Last but not least important. It is always advisable for every business owner to ensure proper security in shopping complexes. The complex should be spacious have multiple security guards and proper CCTV channels. If the complex has a bank or an ATM inside it, then it’s an excellent opportunity to get a shop in that complex only.


Shop on rent in Pitampura are available, and they are ready for the Possession. If you are a small business owner and want to open your shop in Rohini, you should consider all the above mentioned points. There are many commercial space providers in Rohini and Pitampura. Still, you should always rely on the established brands because they have a reputation in the market and are more transparent in approach. Transparency is one of the most important factors for real estate deals. For this, M2K India is providing shop on rent in Rohini and shop on rent in Pitampura. M2K India has been developing North-West Delhi’s commercial space with the finest approach, and the group is one of the most reliable real estate brands.