Spice up Your Luxury Apartments in Delhi like a Pro

Spice up Your Luxury Apartments in Delhi like a Pro

Are you in search of the best ways to spice up all critical areas of your home just like the renowned interior designers in Delhi do in villas in Gurgaon and luxury apartments in Delhi? If yes, then this post has a lot for you. When it comes to implementing decor ideas in any establishment, particularly the residential units, a natural question that comes to mind is – how much money does all this involve? 

You must be very clear that money is not the only need when you are set to revamp, spice up or perk up the settings of your home. Apart from money, you need some ideas, a flair for aesthetics, an inclination for home décor, and above all, an ardent interest in interior décor.

Here are some of the most effective and easy-to-implement tips area-wise in diverse home settings-

Living Room

  • Plan your furniture with fully customized pieces to save huge on space as well as money.
  • If you have a large-sized living room, then create different seating zones so that both small and large gatherings can be accommodated easily. Make sure, you limit the zoning to 8 people for more convenience. 
  • There is a standard to divide the space that suggests dividing by 3, 5, 7, or 9, and never by 2.

On the contrary, if the size of the living room is small, then go for plain-colored upholstery in place of bold plaids for prominent pieces of furniture such as chairs and sofas. Neutral tones textures are highly recommendable. 



The bedroom is one of the primary places inside a home where you relax while taking a good sleep. It’s the bedroom where you get rid of all types of worries and other worldly concerns. The interior settings of a bedroom have a direct connection with the way you live. You can spice up your bedroom using the following tips- 


  • For an ideal bedroom, the bed size must not be more than 23 inches off the floor.
  • While placing your bed, make sure you are having cream color or pale yellow high-quality paper-backed linen on the walls of the bed.
  • If you are interested in creating a countryside bedroom, then keep the nightstand and dresser always in light-colored wood.
  • To decorate your bedroom classically, you must choose the carved bed, dresser, and chair. Hang a beautiful chandelier on the ceiling. 


The colors you choose to revamp or spice up your home plays an important role. Apart from the fact that each color chosen by you must match the overall look and feel of the house, selecting the right kind of tone is also necessary. It is the color tone that has a direct influence on the mood and behavior of the dwellers. If you have a closer look at some of the premium designer floors, you will find that color tones are making a big difference.

For instance, if you have a small-sized room in your home, then always go for lighter shades to paint the walls. It will help you bring in the effect of amplitude. On the other hand, for bigger rooms, choose dark shades that will help you to make walls seem to appear closer while bringing the ultimate coziness to space. 

While choosing the colors, you must remember that the purpose of the room or any particular space also plays a pivotal role. What the designers suggest for coloring includes- 

  • In a bedroom, choose soothing colors and tones as the bedroom serves the purpose of relaxation.
  • In the kitchen and living room, bright and brilliant colors create a cheery ambiance for a stunning effect. 


The bathroom is considered to be a fully personal space and you can convert it from a plain white space into the most aesthetically and visually appealing part of the house. Top tips concerning the same include the following:

  • Buy a countertop basin that has clean lines and leave the rest on the vanity made of pure wood. This will bring in a great contrast while remaining classic and looking chic. 
  • Try for bathroom vanities made of high-quality engineered wood or pure natural wood as it will provide you with sufficient storage space. 
  • Never try to match your tiles on the floor with your sanitary ware. Always go for white or off-white sanitary ware regardless of what colors of tiles you have. This is one of the most practical techniques that the interior designing professionals use in their projects. 
  • The standard rule for the bathroom lies in contrast and quality. Always arrange soap dispensers, vases, different types of holders, and various other accessories that carry different colors from the tiles and walls. 


Doors and Windows

Your front door is what sets the tone for the rest of the interiors of the house. If you have a look at some of the premium quality designer floors, you will find the special treatment given to all the front doors. This and other types of treatments given to front doors are what make a big difference between a common floor and a designer floor. Here is how you should treat your door-

  • Adding finesse to your entire home is easy if you choose a few accessories for the front door strategically.
  • Make use of doorknobs, letterbox handles, and nameplates made of high-quality stainless steel in both modern and conventional styles.
  • The door knocker that you choose must reflect your character.
  • Windows for summers should be arranged in a way that they let in the fresh air and permit the dweller to have a view of the outside effortlessly.


Be it revamping, spicing up, or renovating your home, you don’t have to be a professional interior designer. All you need to do is just observe the things around you. Be an individual who has a flair for interior décor. Go through some reputed interior décor magazines and blogs, and use all the tips that have been suggested in this blog post. You will be turning your home into a place that’s an inspiration for many, and a source of zealousness for all.